Web 3.0 means Freedom

Get to know our new podcast series: The Internet of Life Show

The Internet of Life show explores the next era of the internet and how it can be a place for true togetherness.

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Hosted by award-winning journalist Felix Zeltner, the show brings together the leading voices of Web 3.0 – metaverse builders, XR designers, artificial intelligence researchers, corporate leaders, policy makers, authors and creators – to openly discuss the challenges and opportunities of our new virtual era.

In our inaugural episode, recorded in Dubai, we sit down with Cevat Yerli, founder and CEO of The TMRW Foundation, and Tim Salau, aka Mr. Future of Work, co-founder and director of product at Guide. Together, we discuss:

  • Why Web 3.0 is about our freedom, not us being a product – and what that means for its business model
  • What the concept of The Internet of Life is all about, and how it fits into Web 3.0
  • Why in a world that will consist of 10 billion gamers soon, gamification is a way to survival

And lastly, how living in this next era of the internet will allow us to spend more time in real life, not less.

Connect with our guests Cevat Yerli and Tim Salau, and find out more about The TMRW Foundation, a forward-thinking portfolio of 3D simulations, virtual and augmented reality, and AI-powered products, combining gamification, urbanization, with over 450 patents in its portfolio.

This episode is hosted by Felix Zeltner. You can find future episodes here, on The Internet of Life platform.

Please find here our podcast series on your favorite streaming platform: podlink.to/theinternetoflifeshow

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