Berlin Tech Community Meets The Internet of Life™

Gathering innovators to explore a next-level Web 3.0 experience

The TMRW Foundation recently hosted an extraordinary event called "The Power of Reality: Introducing the Internet of Life™." Gathering some of the brightest minds in the tech and creative community, this exclusive gathering in Berlin showcased a vision for a new internet that empowers individuals while contributing positively to the planet. Called the Internet of Life™, this Web3 concept for learning and sharing ideas, aims to revolutionize the way we connect with one another and the world around us.

Highlighting the event was a captivating speech delivered by Cevat Yerli, the founder of The TMRW Foundation, who shared his personal plan for the Internet of Life™. He emphasized that this revolutionary concept will build bridges at a global scale, offering face-to-face interactions that transcend socioeconomic backgrounds. The ambitious goal is to unlock the potential of 8 billion people, connecting them in lifelike experiences that open up endless opportunities for both business and life.

During the event, we had the unique opportunity to experience live demos of ROOM, the first manifestation of the Internet of Life™. As a demonstration of, and a testament to the possibilities of vision and product, we were able to connect, meet and interact with friends and colleagues (signing on from several different locations spanning four time zones) in a 3D virtual space, as an extension of the physical Berlin event. It successfully showcased the immersive and lifelike experiences made possible by the Internet of Life™.

Speaking of the technology that powers ROOM, Yerli says “we built RealityOS™ as a foundational tech that will empower togetherness on any platform, on any device, on any browser - to see the future of the internet, to see how a human potentially connects at any distance planet wide.” Former CEO of Deutsche Bank and newly appointed Chairman of our Advisory Board, Dr. Josef Ackermann, commended the promise of this groundbreaking technology, stating that it provides an innovative way to “communicate and strengthen interpersonal cohesions without having to travel… but in a lifelike way.”

In addition to the captivating demos, speeches and encounters, the event also included insightful interviews with some of our esteemed guests. Among the questions posed was, what does Web 3.0 need for it to become more human-focused? Elmar Arunov, Research Lead Metaverse at Deutsche Telekom, believes in the importance of making extended reality (XR) devices accessible and affordable to everyone. He also stressed the significance of transparent and understandable AI algorithms, as well as the ownership and control of personal data.

But what elements are driving this very shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0? Jan Berger, Founder of Themis Foresight, expressed optimism about technologies that specifically merge the digital and physical worlds. Berger believes that these innovative technologies will play a crucial role in reshaping our future. In fact he hopes “that The TMRW Foundation and TMRW's technology will play a key role in reinventing the Internet!” That is indeed our aspiration with the Internet of Life™, making Web3 a safer and more human place for all to share.

Overall, the event proved to be a creative and inspiring experience that showcased the immense capacity of Web 3.0 and the Internet of Life™. The event left not just the attendees, but our own teams, with a profound sense of excitement and anticipation for a bright future ahead that embraces the power of reality. We truly enjoyed the exchange of visionary ideas with all our guests, and we look forward to further discussions to follow. If you’d like to learn more about the TMRW Foundation and be a part of our groundbreaking initiatives, please reach out. We’d love for you to join us in shaping the Internet of Life™ and empowering people to connect and interact on a global scale.

Catch a glimpse of the event here in our recap video!

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